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Colleagues Working Together

Community Projects


Local Youth Outreach  Groups. Take a self-journey to discover your pure potential. Age group12-18 years.  Enquire for more Information.

Youth Conference

Clean up walk on the beach 

Join us once a month on a local campaign to upgrade our environment grounding yourself in a significant setting.  Enquire to join.

Volunteers Cleaning Beach

An Empty Cup with a Dash of Colour

Book your spot.

Mixing brushstrokes, colours, and breathing techniques, over a cup of tea. Come and experience the flavors of different origins of teas, learn about their value, and how to drink them to have a full experience in an inspired environment.

Practice, letting go of your attachments and expectations and embracing the present moment.

Enquire for more info to book a group session or individual class.

Tea Time

Wall Painting Project

Due to the support of the local community,  reach-out programs became a reality to empower children to express their identity, emotions, and view of themselves in relation to their environment and people around them.

Children Painting Wall

Morning Yoga drop-in Class

Enquire for more informtion to join a drop in class at a local Yoga Studio. 

Walking to Yoga class

Ocean Fun Facts

Learning fun facts about our ocean and seawater mammals.


Creating ocean and planet awareness for kids between the ages of 4 and 12 years.

During  School Holliday on the Willard Beach Front.

Surfboard Fins
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