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Corlia Hellberg



By rendering a service as a professional, my main focus is aimed to offer a safe, confidential counselling space for healing and problem-solving. Although I find solution-focus-brief therapy as an effective online counselling tool, I’m also flexible in my approach and methods to address each individual client’s therapeutic need.  Except from offering psychological counselling sessions I also conduct training and act as a source of information to the local and online community on different platforms.  I am a qualified professional Psychological Counsellor; Registered with the SA Health Professional Council (HPCSA) and I hold an additional degree and post graduate qualification in Education.


Stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship challenges, grief, loss, divorce and related issues are common problems I work with. Stretching from different countries, cultures and across different ages form part of my field of counselling.


Additionally, I have specialized knowledge and experience in play- and art therapy, disabilities and counselling intellectually- and physically challenged individuals and offering counselling support to these specific individuals, caregivers, educators and parents.


Creative integration of strengths, personal resources, skills and abilities is a key element for me in obtaining a unique therapeutic outcome and training.

Sessions are conducted mainly in English or Afrikaans.


I'm Your Counsellor



I am proud of the development I have done with different people over the years.  For me, it is about leaving a legacy of good people and investing in the lives of young people. I have a number of mentees and direct testimonials that will be able to confirm my work over the years. I have extensive experience in problem-solving and counselling approaches and specialize in how to apply it. I believe in situational counselling and manage people in line with their maturity level.


I have been formally trained in coaching people and had additional training by means of workshops. I am skilled in conducting training and enrichment sessions. Training and experience in creative change management form part of what I offer.  I have 15+ years of experience in Private Practice and worked with many Individuals and families over the years. I acted as a Psychological counsellor for a number of years at a Special Needs institution where I took on the roll as counsellor by means of screening, offering therapy, and awareness programs. Additionally on a management level, I have taking on the responsibility for training and supporting assistants, by guiding them through a transition to the way of working with children; re-scoping staff strengths within the workplace, mapping out tasks and responsibilities of who needs to take on other and new responsibilities and support. Managing and developing a vocational training program, involvement in a care center and benchmarking with other counselling institutes in assisting and outreach.


Working in multi-cultural environments enables me to look at challenges and situations from various perspectives, allowing for more resilient solutions.

In addition to my private practice, I am actively engaging as a counsellor at a local school, contributing to the well-being of the community.


My competencies are underpinned by a BA Degree (Pretoria University) and an HDE and Honors Degree in Psychology (University of South Africa). To acquire in-depth expertise, I completed the requirements to register as a Registered Psychological Counsellor at the South African Health Board and attend yearly continuous development seminars and courses in this field. Additionally I attend and conduct various workshops and training in special needs, offered by the department of Education as part of continuous professional development.




For being a creative person, I take pleasure in both creating and showcasing my paintings,  exhibiting my artwork in various art galleries. Through my Instagram art profile,artbycorliahellberg, I offer a glimpse into this visual journey where I capture emotions and real-life conflicts. Beyond my artistic pursuits, I enjoy gardening, practicing yoga, and savoring the rhythmic embrace of the waves on my waveski. Being a people person, I am socially and involved in the community.  I love my people and family and believe in a holistic lifestyle, starting the day with a good brewed cup of coffee and a fresh breath of hope and vitality.

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