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Six Wild Animals In a Zoo

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

It’s a just simple story, nothing is that complicated.

It might be only a story, but in the little girl's heart it was her story. Not only her story but your story as well. Can I be so sure of it? Yes, because in all of us, the only story that really exists, is our own narrative. Behavior and Personality and Mindsets get easily confused. "Six Wild Animals in a Zoo" is a simple story to illustrate different minsdet types. We live in a zoo of circumstances, work daily in an "executive zoo", and maybe even your family feels a bit zoo-like. The context is irrelevant, the zoo represents a fixed semi-enclosed system with its own unique rules and social expectations. Before you can even think about change, you first need to be aware of your own mindset and where you find yourself in relation to others around you.

Life happens. We are part of energy, movement and events. Sometimes the zoo is beautiful, grounded, full of inner peace. Then we can relax on the bench under the shade of blessings- enjoy, laugh, love and breath the moments life gives us. It's only when the leaves starts to falls and events change, that we need to start managing ourselves, our emotions, the people around us and the dynamics of unexpected change.

Meet the wisdom of the collective conscious in the big Oak Tree. Be challenged by the Trumpet Vine, a new beginning growing out of a stuffy dark room. Understand the passion of the Zoo Keeper and engage in the mystical power of the Reflective Pond. Take a moment to reflect on the bench and join a little girl's visit to "Six Wild Animals in a Zoo."

A Must-Read Story!!

Uncovering mindsets, archetypes and behavior in a journey to connect with your own beautiful, unique zoo of life.

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