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Light and Shadow
Light and Shadow

Various previous and current experiences in Private Practice  as a Psychological Counsellor and academic qualifications have led me to offer my counselling services on an online platform for adults and children.

To book an appointment, contact me for more information.


Dry Sticks

It involves exploration of conflicts or differences between partners aswel as exploiting relationship growth and improvement of any type of relationship including couples, parent- child relationships andsiblings.

Individuals can access the online sessions, combined or separately  from different locations

I have in-depth knowledge and training in therapeutic approaches linking it to family and couple counselling by acting as a facilitator of the family's counselling journey and unique needs.


Specializing in supporting families and couples faced with the challenges of divorce and separation.

Change starts by taking the first step.

Book an appointment or contact me for more information.

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Child on the Bed

When do I reach out on behalf of my child to get counselling? Maybe your child has approached you with a concern you feel they need help with. Change of habits, extreme sadness or worry, disruptive behavior, social isolation, regression, increased physical complaints, or going through stressful situations are all relevant indicators. 

Counselling and guidance from a professional can be incredibly helpful for kids going through a tough time.

( Ages10+)  Online therapy offers a safe space to share feelings and guide children and teenagers through challenges.

(Children younger than 10) Read more under Parent Effective Training

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Father and Daughter Having Breakfast

Parent Effectiveness Training


Become not the Perfect parent, but the Present parent who is equipped with proven tools and practices that allow you to break old patterns, ditch the guilt, bring calm to the chaos and connect with your child.

Contact me for more information on online sessions or face-to-face sessions

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Bamboo Leaves
Bamboo Leaves

Disability Support

Aim in supporting special needs and facilitating training programs in work- and life skills. Creative integration of skills and abilities is a key element for me in obtaining a unique outcome in disability support.

One-to-one online sessions for individuals or parents with children with challenges. 

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